design process:

the first step in the design process, is for you to do a rough drawing of the space you are planning to use.

here are some helpful hints on how to measure:
• measure in inches.
• include molding for overall sizes in windows and doors.
• measure ceiling height in three places.
• height and width of your refrigerator.
• how are you venting your range?
• centerline dimension on both sink and range.
• do you have a soffit? dimensions.

the next step is to bring your plan to the designer of your choice. some designers will charge a fee for this service, so you may want to ask that up front.

your designer may ask some of the following questions:
• when are you planning to start this project?
• how long have you lived at, or how much time do you spend at the residence?
• what is your budget?
• what do you like best about your present kitchen?
• what do you dislike about your present kitchen?
• who is the primary cook? right or left handed?
• do you recycle?
• any specialty cooking?
• will you entertain in your new kitchen?
• what colors do you like?